A Quick Guide to Everything Players Need to Know About Gambling Software 

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Lily Martin

Gambling online may be just as exciting as gambling in person, and for many younger people, it has completely replaced gambling in person. You should strive to learn as much as you can about the game before playing it so that you can get an advantage whenever possible. 

In the context of online gambling, this also includes becoming acquainted with the software that powers the game itself. Because this is outside of the gamers’ usual areas of interest and knowledge, it may be intimidating to some of them. 

What is it exactly? 

The first step is to gain a thorough understanding of what casino gambling software is. Casino software is a piece of software that is installed on your computer to connect you to an online casino and to run the games that you play there. This includes the user interface as well as everything that happens behind the scenes of the game. 

A software solution is not considered gambling software if it is used by a gambling company but not for gambling purposes. This is because the major goal of gambling software is to make gambling easier. This means that the software used to process payments for gaming purposes does not qualify as “gambling software” under the laws that regulate the subject matter. 

Gambling Software Regulations 

The Gambling Act of 2005 defines several aspects of gambling software and other issues linked with gambling online and using computer programs. The software, according to the law, can only be used “in connection with” gaming rather than particularly for gambling activities themselves. Some consider this approach to be overly broad. 

This area includes software solutions such as virtual event websites, virtual event control, bet matching and capture, random number generators, and gambling records (used to show detailed results of a game). The legislation’s goal is to ensure that the software’s gaming mechanism is both honest and available for public review. 


Businesses must have a license to develop, provide, modify, and install gambling software. The government officials issue this license. If a firm engages in even one of these activities, it must go through the process of obtaining a license to operate in the gambling software sector. Because the definition is so broad, there is a significant chance that the procedure will need to be completed by certain software companies, even though they do much more than that. 

Instead of depending on a single firm to handle the entire process, a single casino may instead engage several different firms concurrently to provide these services in their respective capacities. Every company with which a casino does business must have a license of this type. 

Putting Gambling Software in Place 

In some cases, businesses that have been granted authority to operate remote gambling operations wish to install their software. The firm retains control over the majority of the procedures in this technique, from installation to the operation of an internet gaming organization. However, you will need two different licenses to do so. 

The first is the Gambling Commission’s license to operate an online casino. The second one is a license from the Gambling Commission to install the software on the player’s computer. If you don’t have both of these documents, you’ll have to hire someone else to handle the installation. 

Various Casino Software Options 

The most traditional type of casino software is known as download software. That is the piece of software that you must download to your computer or device before using it. Once the application has been successfully installed on your hard drive, you can use it. That is not something that is commonly encountered nowadays. 

Software that can be played instantly is significantly more widespread these days. That is the piece of software that you can use right now without having to download anything. This is how the great majority of desktop-based online gaming sites function. 

Finally, there are mobile applications that may be run on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Because the underlying technology now supports it, the vast majority of people who wager online do it in this manner. 

Computer Software Providers 

There are many companies that make software; yet, as with the vast majority of industries, there are a few organizations that stand out and have a degree of monopoly because their products stand out. If the software in question originates from one of these companies, there is a good chance that it is of high quality overall. 

Microgaming is a software developer who works in the casino industry. They are one of the industry’s oldest and most well-known software providers. The year 1994 signifies an eon in the history of software firms. In that year, the company was founded. They are also a poker network and have been responsible for the creation of over a thousand different games. 

NetEnt is another well-known and significant casino software company. The year it was founded was 1996. NetEnt’s slot games are by far the company’s most successful product offering. Video slots are among the most popular games, with NetEnt’s Starburst being recognized as the world’s most popular slot machine game. 

Although Playtech is a little younger than the other two large companies on our list, they are equally important to the sector. The company’s operations officially began in 1999. Bingo, poker, sportsbooks, and other games common in online casinos are offered here. In addition, they operate the iPoker poker network. 

To summarize 

The Gambling Act defines “gambling software” as the software used to gamble online as well as the software used to supply other gambling-related services that are governed by the act. This means that the authorities require a one-of-a-kind license from any company that develops it for them to work in that specific industry. 

This industry is dominated by a few large corporations. There is a good chance that a casino is legitimate if it provides one of the three big ones’ games. The three major ones control the majority of the gambling industry’s services and merchandise. The majority of these businesses have been in operation for more than 20 years.