Tips To Ensure Your Blackjack Session Is As Profitable As Possible

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Lily Martin

Blackjack is a game of both chance and skill. There are quite a few different strategies that can be used to increase the chances of a profitable or winning session. This article will discuss a few of the most effective blackjack strategies below.

  • Splitting: Players should take care not to split their hand if the dealer’s face up card is high in value. If you have a hand of two Aces however, you should always opt to split it. High pairs should not be split if the dealer’s showing card is relatively high.
  • Insurance: Novices are warned against taking insurance against the chances of the dealers hitting a Blackjack. This is because this is one of the worst possible bets a player can make when playing the game of blackjack.
  • Increasing bets: Many beginners make the mistake of increases each bet when they are on a losing streak in an effort to win back some of their losses. However, all this does is make sure that you lose even more money. Bets should be increased after a win and decreased after a loss.
  • Set limits for yourself: This tip can be applied to just about any form of gambling. Make sure that you have set a clear time and bankroll limit for yourself before you even begin to play. You should also then make sure that you stick to these limits set. Remember that the odds will always be in the house’s favour in the long run. This means that the longer you stay; the more chance you stand of losing. If you are on a winning streak and you suddenly find that it has come to an abrupt halt then keep an eye on your bankroll and as soon as you have lost one third of the winnings accumulated, you should walk away.
  • Picking a table: When playing blackjack at a land based casino, find a table where you stand the best chance of winning, i.e. where the dealer seems to be losing regularly. These tables will be the ones where players are most happy and have quite a few stacks of casino chips on the table.